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  Tally.ERP 9 Online Test & Tally Certificate :

Learning is Just the first step to success!

Test your knowledge and upgrade your Tally skills through our inbuilt    “ Tally Test “ designed by Tally experts . These tests help you identify potential areas of improvement so that you can master all the modules build into Tally.ERP 9 .

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Tally Authorised  Certificate : Paid Online Test :

* You can obtain a Tally Authorised Certificate of your Test Score by taking the Paid Online Tally Test  
   (In One or More Tally Subject mentioned below ),

* A certificate from www.tallyonlinetraining.com will additionally help you to prove your domain specific
  Tally and Computerised Accounting credentials.

* These Tests could also be used by Employers as a test of Tally & Accounting knowledge for their prospective employees.   

Getting this “ Certificate in Tally “  is Especially good for those who  are …..

* Already have good working knowledge of Tally & Accounting , but do not have a valid “TALLY CERTIFICATE “ or

* Have a certificate from any Institute other than an Authorised Tally Online Training.com, which is not considered as valid
   credentials by most employers looking for Tally Professionals.

* Have got certified in older versions (before Tally.ERP 9 ) of Tally .

* Differentiate from your peers by earning a Certificate in Industry relevant skills .

* Learn Interview Tally Question & Answer for more confidently and be technically proficient .     

* Want to simply wish to upgrade their credentials for promotions and better Jobs .

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